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Located in Grande Prairie, Alberta; 4Tress Farms is owned by Jodie Neudorf and her husband, John. The couple have a daughter who shares the same passion for horses as her Mom, and a son who enjoys iron horses!

Jodie has loved animals from the time she was small... especially horses! Her parents had a few back yard pintos when she was young. Jodie rode and got thrown off a hundred times. Wherever she was in her life, Jodie found a way to ride a horse - at the homes of neighbours, relatives or friends; or at a stable to pay the board for her own horses. Jodie's dad bought her her first quarter horse as a 16th birthday gift... a 3 year old registered quarter horse that had never been touched. The family picked her up with a truck and stock racks. "We put the tail gate down, backed up to a steep ditch and that's how she loaded."

The horse spooked every time a car went by so Jodie rode 3 hours in the back of the stock racks with the spooky horse... her own spooky horse! She borrowed a saddle and started the mare herself. At that time, if a horse could stop, neck rein, back up and side pass when asked, that was well broke. Jodie loved the breed and did everything possible with 'Princess'. The pair swam in the lake, crossed rivers with water over their heads, jumped logs, camped, did a lot of winter riding over steep hills in the snow, rode to friends and even went to the Burger Barron drive-through for lunch! The determined young rider reached the point that she and her mare could go absolutely anywhere - but it hadn't started out that way. It was a process of trust gained through time and experience. And from that point on, Jodie was hooked on quarter horses!

Jodie believes that the beginning of a horse's life is the most important... starting with a new-born foal's interaction with people, the process of halter breaking to the first month. If a young horse gets messed up in any of these stages, a great horse may not be so great. This is the main reason Jodie started to raise and breed her own horses.

"I have been blessed to have the opportunity to make my dreams a reality and own some of the world's best bloodlines. 4Tress Fams breeds and raises horses that can compete at the highest level."

Choosing a farm name was a long process for Jodie. The quarter horse breeder wanted to find something that symbolized her philosophy and a name she could use in her equine pedigrees too. 4Tress Farms represents a place to start, the foundation, the strength and 'where it all begins'. Jodie believes that a solid foundation is the key to everything you do in life. If you miss that, it will all fall apart sooner or later. Also, that life is about learning and enjoying the process of it with a glad and grateful attitude - seeing people as equals but all with different abilities and stages.

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4Tress Farms
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